A little about me...

Hello and welcome!

My name is Kym and I’m a photographer based in the region of West Gippsland Victoria, Australia.

I’d love to have the romantic story of taking photographs since I was knee high to a grasshopper, however that isn’t the case. I’ve always been visually motivated and a lover of creativity.  In 2000 I purchased my first SLR film camera and fell in love with the world I saw through the lens.  2006 saw me purchase my first DSLR (Canon 350D – what a machine!) and I was able to grow super fast in my photography skills.  The ability to view images immediately was amazing and a huge help in my personal photographic development.

My goal is to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary and make everyday life come alive. Specializing in still life, food, and landscape photography.  Looking to take the perfect photograph is always a great challenge and the only restraints are time and imagination!

Looking at life through the lens has a great therapeutic value for me.  To capture moments in time that last forever is something that can’t be compared. Then to re-visit my images and remember so much about capturing them is extremely rewarding.

If you’d like to hire or collaborate with me please use my contact page.