Dry bean soup mix

Dry bean soup mix

There wouldn’t be too many people who haven’t heard of, or used, dried soup mix.  It seems to be the plain ingredient to some nutritious, wholesome soups.  So who would think to photograph it?  Yes, you’re right, I did!

In my studio at home, I found out soup mix doesn’t look too shabby when arranged and edited the right way.

Here are three different edits of the dried soup mix.

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soup mix kym mcleod


soup mix kym mcleod

Soup mix kym mcleod

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  1. Fab shots and edits Kym. I love the middle one. I’m partial to light rather than moody generally. But with food it’s often the other way ? Still. The middle is well composed and lighting suits I think x

    • Hey Fiona, thanks for stopping by! Thanks for your comments on the photos. Moody photos aren’t everyone’s choice but I always find it enjoying to process images with a different feel. The middle photo is definitely “classic” food photography.

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