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Do you like to eat?  Do food photos activate your salivary glands?  Have you ever wondered how those great food photos are made?  Then Food Photography – A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Appetizing Images is the book you need to read!

Food images surround us everywhere. Whether you see them in magazines, cookbooks, billboards, restaurants, cafes, they’re everywhere enticing us to eat.

Any photographer who has been inspired to take food photos knows it’s not as easy and it seems.  Though the food may look amazing, the photo you take may often turn out very average, looking flat and without appeal.Food Photography book Corinna Gissemann

Whether you’re a food photographer, food blogger or just want to take photos of your meals for personal interest, the book, Food Photography – A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Appetizing Images is for you.

Food Photography will take you on a journey from the basics of camera equipment and techniques all the way through to styling food, props design and Lightroom editing.  This book will also take you through the complicated path of light sources and the importance of lighting your food photographs correctly.

This book is divided into 11 chapters:

  • What Gear Do You Need?
  • Basics
  • Lighting
  • Image Design and Composition
  • Styling
  • Five Food Photography Projects
  • Image Processing with Lightroom
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Homemade Props
  • How to Boost Your Creativity
  • Now it’s Your Turn

Corinna Gissemann is a food/still life photographer from Germany and started her stock photography in 2011.  She has created some amazing photos and shares her techniques with you in this book.  Corinna favors subtle, moody lighting and some of her photos have a distinct vintage look to them.

The first two chapters cover the basics in photography from lenses, aperture, depth of field etc.  This makes it a great book for beginners in photography too.

The presentation of this book is attractive and clear.  It has been translated from the German edition, however you’d never know it.  The text flows smoothly.

Along the way Corinna will share many tips and tricks to help you achieve a fantastic food shot.

The lighting chapter is not as you would think.  There is no mention of spending big bucks in lighting gear, but rather, using natural light with the placement of boards and reflectors to achieve stunning food photos.  It also helps to reinforce that you don’t need a fancy studio to achieve a great photo.

Filled with delicious images, this book is an interesting read and I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their food photos.

I personally love Corinna’s work and was very excited to purchase my copy.  It is a great reference tool for food photographers, however the basics in camera equipment and Lightroom editing will be informative to any photographer.  I really like the behind-the-scenes section showing the set up shots and the finished shot side by side.  Many of the projects also include a series of progressive shots.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this book.  There isn’t much I could fault with it, only that I wish it had more pages!

You can grab you copy here.  Happy reading and shooting!!





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  1. marc says:

    Great review of the food photography book. My wife and I love to go out and eat all the time. We also are somewhat accomplished cooks as well. So taking great photos of food would be something we would love to be able to do. You are right it is harder than it looks. Thanks for the info again and I will have to check it out.

    1. Kym says:

      Thanks for visiting Marc!

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